I’m gonna be your hardrocker boy. I’m gonna sing for you until I lose my
voice, ‘cause darling rock n roll music it’s my fucking drug.

Baby I’m gonna be your little one. You’re gonna be forever in my heart,
and like a nuclear bomb, I swear I’m gonna blow your mind.

I’m gonna move, I’m gonna rock your life. Believe me girl, you’re gonna
fall in love just as I kiss your mouth.

You’re gonna love me, you’re gonna give me your life. Honey, I’m gonna
be yours, and you’re gonna be mine… and forever and ever, we’re gonna be
on fire.

You’re gonna be inside me, like the blood in my veins, like the dreams
in my head. Darling there’s no doubt , you’re gonna be in my heart the
rest of my days.

Babe I’m a hardrocker, but I’m gonna be your lover too. So stop thinking
about it, you said “I love you” once, and I bet you, you’re gonna say
it till the end of time.

You’re gonna kiss me, you’re gonna want me, you’re gonna feel my body
next to yours, and I’m sure, you’re gonna pray every second to get just
a little of my love.

You and me… and we’re gonna be happy, for the rest of our days.

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Etiquetas: Amor, Carta, Corazón, Poema, Poesia


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